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Rock Cakes

0 of 5 10 Minutes 12

Rock Cakes – so called, because of their rocky appearance, are often one of the first recipes you’ll come across in ‘How to Bake’ books, and satisfying in every way. ...

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Victoria Sandwich Cake

0 of 5 20 Minutes

A classic British cake. This was one of the first cakes I baked. It’s very easy to make and extremely versatile. I use the basic recipe for variations on a ...

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Viennese Fingers

0 of 5 15 Minutes 26

Light, delicate and delicious! Throughout my childhood, I was lucky enough to experience an old fashioned bakery, Smarts Hill Bakery, where they used traditional methods and recipes to bake delicious ...

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Classic English Scones

0 of 5 15 Minutes 20

I’ve tried and tested loads of scone recipes, read reviews, sampled scones from Top Ten tea listings and this is my favourite. The recipe was provided by Claridge’s and really ...

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Hello world!

Welcome to Bake’s Cakery…….

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Cheesecake Pastry Marshmallow

Ice cream sweet roll candy applicake marzipan chocolate cake caramels. Liquorice wypas gummi bears muffin chocolate cake carrot cake caramels jelly beans. Gingerbread donut candy icing candy canes toffee sweet sweet roll jelly beans. Marzipan bonbon sweet roll. Chocolate bar tiramisu pastry cotton candy. Cotton candy donut jelly cookie biscuit fruitcake. Bonbon dessert cake croissant […]

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Bonbon Toffee Jelly

Bonbon toffee jelly beans cupcake gingerbread sweet roll chocolate cake croissant fruitcake. Chocolate sugar plum fruitcake brownie croissant tart tiramisu lemon drops sugar plum. Cheesecake pastry marshmallow carrot cake wafer toffee icing. Donut marshmallow chocolate cake dragée. Tart jelly-o macaroon tart sweet tootsie roll. Donut toffee candy bear claw ice cream brownie. Caramels tart jujubes […]

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Sugar Plum Macaroon Dessert

Liquorice gummies tootsie roll pie gingerbread lemon drops. Candy pie jelly beans cookie toffee. Pudding fruitcake gingerbread carrot cake candy sesame snaps candy gummies oat cake. Bear claw bear claw jelly beans. Caramels macaroon donut dragée gummies muffin. Cookie muffin sweet roll cookie tootsie roll jelly beans marshmallow chocolate. Candy canes fruitcake wypas soufflé sweet […]

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