Lead us not into temptation……
unless it’s a chocolate brownie!


‘Bake – A – Cake’ How it all began


Bake a Cake, Rach the Cake, Rach, Bake, Cake are all names I have gladly answered to since the age of 14.

My love of baking began in earnest as a young teenager, during my first year of ‘O’ levels. After spending hours stooped over my studies, I needed a break; to do something relaxing but constructive. That something was baking cakes.

For years I have presented my family with countless creations, heeded their comments, adjusting recipes to ensure a perfect result.

A visit from relatives and friends provided a welcome nudge to ‘bake a cake’. Not to disappoint expectant guests, the table was soon laden with sponges, rock buns and the all-time favourite Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake. My nickname was born and ‘Bake a Cake’ soon adorned all correspondence.

My love of cooking established, I realised my repertoire was limited, so I enrolled on a Cordon Bleu Course, to learn the finer points of cooking. It was a valuable and enjoyable experience, yet no match for the pleasure (some have said obsession) in preparing sweet treats, especially cakes and cookies.

I’ve made cakes and cookies at two o’clock in the morning, sent them as gifts through the post, across the channel, prepared them for cricket teas, wedding favours, company thank yous, birthday parties, fetes, my local gym, close friends, my former pupils, and, for no particular reason at all.

I love to try new recipes but definitely have my favourites, which I call upon time and time again. Some have been passed down from relatives and friends, others I’ve chanced upon on my travels. I am constantly asked for my cake and cookie recipes, even taking urgent calls to rescue a dinner party roulade, offering council and calm, to friends in need. I decided it was time to share the best and most beloved of them with you.

I hope you enjoy these tried and tested cakes and cookies, my Father calls ‘tuck’. There really is nothing quite like a homemade cake or a plateful of freshly baked cookies.

Happy baking!


Bake   xx

from The Cakery